Buying/Selling a Business


Buy a Business


Finding a good business can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You have qualifications as to what types of businesses you want, how much cash flow they generate, and limits of complexity and training. Yet, after all your efforts, it seems like you can’t find that optimal business. MABBA professionals address that challenge every day.

The truth is that finding a business that’s right for you is difficult and involves a number of factors – including luck! MABBA professionals have access to some of the best companies in the region. The reason – they service their clients at a very high level and get continual referrals for new quality businesses.

How much information do you really know about a business? What should you offer? Are there any pitfalls? Am I going to be treated fairly? MABBA professionals work towards completing successful transactions that have merit for both the sellers and buyers, not just one side versus another. This could be a cornerstone of your life’s goals. Make sure you are getting the best opportunities and advice; MABBA professionals will make a difference in your search!

MABBA professionals can provide services to you which include:

  • Matching Buyer requirments with businesses for sale

  • Drafting and negotiation of Term Sheets, Letters of Intent, and Purchase Agreements

  • Management of the Due Diligence process

  • Assistance in securing financing

  • Management of the closing process and closing team


Don’t wonder about how to buy a quality business. Contact a MABBA professional in your area and participate in a better way to buy that dream you have!


Sell a Business


Selling your business may be one of the most difficult experiences you will have in your lifetime. It requires strict confidentiality, planning, perserverence, as well as a thorough knowledge of legal, accounting, and finance issues. The truth is that the time it takes to just prepare your company for sale would be impossible for the most business owners.


MABBA members are professionals who have proven experience in providing a wide range of services for the business owner of privately held businesses who want to sell their business. Their experience, ethical standards, and access to top quality associated professionals allow them to provide you with the best services available.

MABBA members can provide services including:

  • Advisory services to prepare the company for a merger or acquisition

  • Determination of the Fair Market Value of the company (Business Valuations)

  • Preparation of a Confidential Offering Memorandum

  • Confidential networking and marketing to attract buyers

  • Qualification and presentation to buyers

  • Negotiation of Term Sheets, Letters of Intent and Purchase Contracts

  • Management of the Due Diligence process

  • Assistance in securing financing for the buyer

  • Management of the closing process and closing team

Feel free to contact any of our members who will be glad to provide a review of your company and reasons for sale!

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